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Added: 20/10/2015 (Listed for: 5 years)

Points: 573 ?

ROI: 178%

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FeonPay Limited


The goal lies in creating the largest payment service which is loyal to customers. The mission is to change the idea of the payment services. This is the first time when users themselves are investors. And for the first time ever they will receive a profit from work of the payment service. This is the first service developed for people.

Our rating
User rating
  • Investment plans: 1.00 - 4.00% daily (mon-fri)
  • Min spend: $1.00
  • Max spend: $3000.00
  • Payout max time: 24h
  • Minimum to withdraw: $
  • Referral: 5-0.2%
  • Payment method: Manual
  • Compounding available: no
  • Principal return: no
  • Our investment: $50.00
  • Complaints: 0 (0 pending, 0 solved, 0 unsolved) ?
  • Verification level: unverified?


Name Profit Time of interest Min. deposit Max. deposit Period Compounding
FeonPay Daily 1.00 - 4.00% daily (mon-fri) $1.00 $3000.00 unlimited none

Our rating details

Payout speed
Support quality
If you see the sign "Care Investors Program" this means that you get a possibility to report any missed deposit or pending withdrawal even if you are not referred by us. A program's representative can join to any dispute and respond directly in our system. All complaints are monitored and verified by our investigation team.
In this way, your complaints are verified by a third and indepedent party. We publish the information how many complaints the program have and how many of them are solved, pending and unsolved.
We have 3 levels of verification process. Every level has individual rules, please visit our advertise page for more details.
Feel free to invite program administrators to get more confidence and to access verification procedures.

Every program position depends on many factors:

Base points - 105
Ordered points - 0
Our rating points - 8
Points for verification - 0
ROI points - 178
Monitoring time points - 272
Deposit volume points - 10

Payout speed
Support quality
There weren't any.
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2015-11-19 19:25:47 Status changed to problem
2015-10-21 08:20:35 Status changed to paying



1. A webinar for CIS countries (Russian) will be held on the 29 of October at 7 p.m. (Moscow time) by the link
The host: Nikolay Evmenkov
Join and invite your partners!

2. A lot of managers from different countries such as China, India, Portugal, Latvia, Bulgaria, Belarus and many others have connected during these days. Now invite people from all around the world - your partners can get to know about Feonpay in their native language! You can get in touch with all representatives from Contacts page.
3. Due to the active company development there is an opening for new vacancies:
1) A call-center operator - 5 people
knowledge of spoken English and Russian
successful experience in sales and telemarketing
full-time employment (8:00 - 19:00 Moscow time)

2) A Feon Pay Internet development manager for international platforms – 3 people
knowledge of English and Russian
ability to put tasks and solve them on one’s own
extraordinary thinking
full-time employment (8:00 - 19:00 Moscow time)

3) Sales department manager

Send your resumes through the form on “Contacts” page, choosing the topic “Vacancies”.

4. Join our groups. There will be a lottery among all registered members any time.



5. Bitcoin is conducting technical works
Use Perfect Money and Payeer payment systems or exchangers temporary. Bitcoin has been conducting technical works for the second day, we reccomend not to use it temporary.


Feonpay covered the CIS countries, Europe, the United States. We also have partners in India, China, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Malaysia, Nigeria and many other countries which we might even haven’t known about.

Feon course rate has increased up to 21%. This confirms experts’ predictions and high yield of Feonpay domestic currency.

The news about the start of our work appeared on Bankir.Ru, an authoritative media resource. site rate is growing rapidly in the global ranking. You can check it by visiting

We have connected certified exchange offices, which made it possible for users to Buy and Sale Feon via any payment method such VISA & Master Card. With the first exchange offices that appeared on Feonpay, dozens of offers of cooperation were e-mailed to us from other exchange offices. We are discussing working conditions with them now.

Our Support team and call center work practically day and night, responding to your questions and suggestions, helping you in case of technical problems and explaining the possibilities of Feonpay to our users.

You can contact our call center in any case – operators will answer all your questions, explain the benefits of the payment service to your partners, and help make the first Feon purchase.

You can order debit cards of an offshore bank right away – a testing order of 500 cards for our users is being planned for the nearest future. Our partners have evaluated the benefits of a multi-level affiliate program. Everyone really liked it a lot, and many people have already managed to reach the top-master level.

But you shouldn’t forget about the other direction which is connection of stores. We recommend that all partners focus on this direction.You can find information about all latest news of the project, reviews of our partners and new contests in our Vkontakte and Facebookofficial groups. Join us!

Best regards,
John Marvel, CEO of the crowd investing PS Feonpay

Any questions? Contact us!
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